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Frequently Ask Questions.

Here you can find many of the questions that I’m asked most often. You may find the answer to your question here, but if not, just fill out the contact form and send yours my way! I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able.

I've thought about this a lot and been asked about it often. I would absolutely LOVE to get to play a little more in this world. If I wrote anything new, it would likely be different characters in the same world.


Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of control or even general information about the release of my books--especially in other countries. Keep an eye on my social media accounts, subscribe to my newsletter, or checkout the News & Events page on this site in order to stay updated with all the latest info.


I would absolutely love for my books to be made into movies or tv shows. We have had been contacted with a few offers, but it needs to be the right situation in order for it to make sense for everyone. So keep crossing your fingers that it will work out some day. I know I am!


Great question! If you want a signed copy of any of my books, send me a message through the contact form on this site and we can give you details on that.


YES! We are starting with the re-release of Insomnia with bonus content and a new cover on 12/2/19. Paranoia and Mania will be re-releasing with their new covers and bonus content in early 2020. Watch for more info on that by signing up for my newsletter or following me on social media.


I would LOVE to! Unfortunately, I'm not always able to because it depends on my schedule and logistics, but if we can work that all out, then I'd be happy to be there in person. If not, please check out my Reader Appreciation Program here! The primary details on that are: For groups of 10+ who have their group subscribe to, listen to, and rate the Riveting Reads podcast-- I will do a special skype Q & A visit with your group for free after you finish. This is normally something that includes a speaker fee, but I'll be waiving it if those circumstances are met. Have your group sign up through the application under the Riveting Reads Podcast dropdown menu above!


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